Risk Notice

Risk Notice

Financial Company Univell_Broker    

Notice of risks associated with margin trading and / or investing in financial markets

Hereby, the Customer assumes all risks associated with the specifics of margin trading and/or investing in financial markets (next in the text - "Investing") specified in this Notice. Also, the Client hereby fully indemnifies the Company Univell Ltd (The brand Univell Broker) (below-  the "Company") from any form of liability (including, including but not limited to, liability for compensation of direct/indirect losses incurred by the Client) associated with client investments, including as a result of the following risks:

  • The risk of monetary losses from the investment can be substantial and reach the sum of the initial deposit (capital) made by the Client's trading account opened by the Company for investment, and all profits earned by the Client (hereinafter referred to as the initial deposit and earn a profit Client collectively referred to as „Deposit”.
  • Risks inherent in investing in the part of trade in foreign currencies and futures significantly increased by the use of a high level of leverage provided by the deposit. The size of the shoulder is directly proportional to the size of the potential gains as well as the size of the Client losses.
  • Due to adverse market changes, the Customer within a short period of time can suffer significant financial loss, particularly if the client uses the leverage.
  • Responsibility for the correct choice of trading strategy, taking into account all the risks, the use of financial resources lies entirely on the client. The company under no circumstances is liable for any losses the Customer associated with investing and Client Agreement, price changes in financial and stock markets, the bankruptcy of third parties, and does not guarantee the client a full / partial refund of a deposit in case of loss from investments.
  • Customer hereby warrants that he is able to bear all risks associated with investing, and has sufficient material resources to sustain the losses incurred in connection with the investment, including the partial or complete loss of deposit.
  • Market conditions (for example, the output of important economic news, interest rates) may be difficult or impractical to carry out the instructions of the client is requesting a price.
  • The execution price may differ from the price in quotations stream, and the time of client orders can be extended.
  • Placement of some applications which are designed to limit profits or losses may be inefficient because market conditions may make ineffective implementation of such applications.
  • The client also accepts the legal, legislative and socio - political risk. A radical change of political and economic policy in the state directly affects the value of national currency.
  • Client assumes all financial and other risks when conducting transactions (and related activities) in the financial markets is prohibited or restricted by the legislation of the country of residence Client.
  • Trading through an electronic trading platform «Forex Broker Trader 4.xx» may differ both from normal trade (via the phone or through the free exchange trading) and from trading on other electronic systems. Client assumes the risk of any financial losses/damages and indemnifies the Company against any risk of liability claims relating to the commission by the Customer transactions through the Internet, including but not limited to failure (improper operation) hardware and software failures, unauthorized third-person access to the financial/commercial/other information / funds (deposits) Client.
  • Client assumes the risk of any financial losses / damages caused by the fact that the client hasn’t received or received with a delay of any communication from the Company.
  • Customer accepts that the information sent by e-mail in an unencrypted form, as well as through other electronic means of communication isn’t protected from unauthorized access by third person.
  • Customer is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of information received from the Company and assumes the risk of any financial losses/damages caused /incurred in connection with unauthorized access of third person to the Client's trading account/deposits from customers. Also, the Customer agrees to indemnify the Company for all losses caused to the latter in connection with the distribution of confidential company information/breach of confidentiality.
  • When making trading / investment with the client terminal client assumes the risk of financial losses / damages that may occur due to:
  • Bad quality of communications on the client side
  • Incorrect settings on the client terminal;
  • Late updates on client terminal.
  • Customer ignorance of the rules described in the „User's Guide on the client terminal”.
  • Customer acknowledges that when making trading / investment on the phone can be difficult to get a duty operator at the instants of maximum loads (for example when are going the global economic news). Client assumes the risk of financial losses / damages that may arise due to the inability / difficulty to dial the operator on duty.
  •  Customer acknowledges that the only reliable source quoting information is the company server that is serving customers. Database of quotations on the client terminal won’t be a reliable source quoting information, as in the case of the connection between the client terminal and the server portion of the quotes couldn’t reach the client terminal. Client assumes the risk of financial losses/ damages that may arise from the use of the Customer Database of quotations on the client terminal.
  • Client assumes the risk of financial losses / damages caused by force majeure.
The foregoing brief notice can’t cover all the risks of investing in financial markets.

I have read and realized of this Notice of the risks associated with investing.
 I agree to assume all of the risks above.