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Few things are hotter than car sex. And even though you might associate it with your horny teenage years, I promise it just hits differently—even as an adult. I mean, think about it: When you were younger, you probs thought of car sex as the only viable way to get intimate with your partner. Not much of a choice while living with your 'rents and adhering to a 10 p. See what I mean? And sometimes, since Karens love calling the po-po when they're not even mildly disturbed, you'll want to steer clear of being seen.
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7 Car Sex Positions That Go Way Beyond Missionary

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The Best Ways To Have Sex In A Car, According To Over 1, Americans

Every form of transportation has played a part in American courtship and romance. Pedestrian locomotion, horses, boats, trains, bicycles, streetcars, automobiles, buses, and airplanes have brought lovers together, or sped them to the Elysian fields for idyllic pleasures. Before the auto age, the horse and buggy provided the most effective vehicle for romance—and even offered one advantage over the motorcar: horsepower that knew the way home. If on a familiar road, a rural Romeo could tie the reins lightly about the whip socket, and expect Dobbin to maintain a steady clippity-clop down the middle of the road. And two hands then, as now, were better than one. Moreover, some of the buggies, especially those equipped with canvas tops, side curtains, cushions, and comforters, could be cozy; and none was encumbered with bucket seats, gear shifts, consoles, and other Berlin Wall-type features that keep couples apart in modern cars. But the horse drawn conveyances had disadvantages.
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25 Ways to Experience the Best Car Sex of Your Life

Mechanophilia or mechaphilia [1] is a paraphilia involving a sexual attraction to machines such as bicycles, [2] motor vehicles, [3] [4] helicopters, [5] ships, and aeroplanes. Mechanophilia is treated as a crime in some nations with perpetrators being placed on a sex-offenders' register after prosecution. The term has entered into the realms of science fiction and popular fiction. Wilson , Wilson is quoted describing mechanophilia, the love of machines, as "a special case of biophilia ", [13] whereas psychologists such as Erich Fromm would see it as a form of necrophilia. Designers such as Francis Picabia and Filippo Tommaso Marinetti have been said to have exploited the sexual attraction of automobiles.
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Mmm, car sex. Whether the image makes you nostalgic for your high school boyfriend or horny AF from thinking about a nekkid Jack and Rose in that epic Titanic scene, I think everyone can agree that getting freaky in the car can be extremely hot. For one, you can do it just about anywhere. It's a car, which means you can drive to wherever your sexcapades take you.
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